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Hugh Piggotts new book

Hugh has just published a new book

Buy it from Smashwrods

A very “hands-on” guide to every step in the process of building a 2 metre diameter wind turbine for battery charging. The turbine will produce 800kWh of energy on a site with 5 m/s mean wind speed. It uses more durable ferrite magnets for longer service life. The ebook is packed with colour photos and diagrams to clarify the text.

We built one of these turbines on our workshop in Leitrim in 2012 with Hugh and it impressed us with its output. See this post

Lifting a wind turbine

This video shows our land rover in action in Co Clare.  It has a hydraulic winch that we sometimes use to raise and lower wind turbines. It’s remote controlled and a lot faster than the tirfor.

Erecting a wind turbine in Co Clare from Eirbyte on Vimeo.