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About us

We are Eirbyte Renewable Energy and have been living off-grid for over ten years in Co. Leitrim, the base from where we have been installing and designing renewable energy (RE) systems across Ireland. We were the first Irish RE system designers and installers whose home and business has always relied solely on off grid renewable energy.

We had the first carbon neutral website in Ireland back in 2001 when eirbyte.com went live, despite others now claiming to be the first. This has led to us setting up www.irishsolar.net web hosting services.

We don’t do overselling, that’s the practice of a web host selling the same disk space and bandwidth to multiple hosting customers. This practice is made possible by the fact that most hosting customers never use their allotted resources to their full potential. However, it raises questions about what a hosting customer is actually paying for, or rather, what they are paying for but not receiving in return.

As our office is off grid all the computer work that we do, like typing this article and configuring web servers, is done using 100% renewable energy.